Allen Shoup Fellowship for Writers and Communicators

The Allen Shoup Memorial Fellowship was established in 2023. Allen, who passed away in 2022, played a pioneering role in developing Washington’s wine industry as the longtime head of the state’s biggest winery, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, and later as the owner of his own acclaimed winery, Long Shadows Vintners. He served on nearly every major industry board and was instrumental in founding the Washington State Wine Commission and the Auction of Washington Wines. Allen believed deeply in community and collaboration—working his entire career to promote Washington wine around the world.

To honor Allen’s legacy, the industry created a fellowship for writers and communicators interested in learning more about Washington wine. The goal of the Allen Shoup Memorial Fellowship is to grow consumer awareness and the perception of Washington wine by identifying and elevating emerging wine writers and communicators and making these new voices part of a community of lifelong ambassadors. The ideal recipient will be a strong communicator with a gift for storytelling, talents in the digital world, and a keen interest in Washington wine.

To accomplish this, the Fellowship will provide one opportunity annually to an emerging writer or communicator with a demonstrated interest in Washington wine to give them an individualized, immersive experience in the state. Recipients will subsequently communicate these experiences to others via their preferred medium – written word, audio, video, or a combination thereof. They will also be given opportunity to participate in future events involving Washington wine, and interact with other Allen Shoup Memorial Fellowship Recipients.

The itinerary for Fellowship recipient will be organized by the industry advisory committee and tailored to the recipient’s specific interests, including the following:

  • Roundtrip airfare to Washington State.
  • 1-2 trips to Washington over the course of one-year, for a total of up to two weeks, dependent on the recipient’s geographic location and availability. Robust itinerary to include vineyard and winery visits, along with meetings with key growers, vintners, educators, and industry representatives.
  • All meals and accommodations.
  • Up to 5 total cases of assorted Washington wine samples.
  • A stipend of $3,000.00

For those interested in applying for this fellowship, please go here, and submit your application by February 29, 2024.

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