Jonathan Missen

Jonathan Missen is a Civil Defense Trial Lawyer originally from London, but he considers himself a Seattle native after residing in the area for years. While he can’t remember the exact moment he discovered Long Shadows, he’s been a loyal ambassador of our wines for quite some time. When his Long Shadows shipments arrive he tries his best to cellar the bottles, yet he readily admits Pedestal and Chester Kidder rarely make it there before being opened.

When asked about his favorite memories with one of our wines, he fondly mentioned a trip he took to Aruba. A bottle of Pedestal made its way into his luggage and was delightfully enjoyed on the beach at sunset. In addition to having access to his favorite wines through his Key Club membership, Jonathan enjoys the complimentary tastings, exclusive events, and the ability to introduce friends and family to Long Shadows at our Walla Walla winery. “I really enjoy bringing people to the winery for the first time.”

It’s no surprise that Jonathan’s go-to wine is his international travel companion, Pedestal, and he says that he loves the consistency he finds vintage after vintage and that it showcases everything he wants in a Washington State Merlot. Although he has proclaimed himself exclusively a red wine drinker, we’re happy to know that Jonathan also enjoys Poet’s Leap Riesling in the warmer months.

Thank you, Jonathan, for being a loyal and enthusiastic Key Club member. We always look forward to your visits to our Woodinville tasting room and our Walla Walla winery, and will raise a glass filled with Pedestal to you tonight. Cheers!

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