Jorge and Rosario Gonzalez Highlight

Jorge and Rosario both grew up and met in Mexico City and “have been living in this wonderful country for almost forty years now.” About fifteen years ago they discovered Long Shadows Vintners through friends while they were visiting Walla Walla. “We ended up joining the Key Club because of the amazing people who work there and, of course, the wines. It’s a fun place.”

“In our view, besides the great wines and the unique concept, Long Shadows has one of the last real tasting rooms. The amazing staff always takes the time to make us feel welcomed, are never in a rush, and every pour comes with a smile as well as a story about the wine. Brad and his team in Woodinville, Nina, and Gilles make all the difference!”

When the couple was asked about their favorite wines, they felt that it was like asking which son or daughter is their favorite. But Jorge confessed, “If we must say, Poet’s Leap is Rosario’s and Feather Cabernet Sauvignon is mine.”

Besides great wine, Rosario and Jorge are passionate about “more great wine, going on cruises, and traveling overseas.” But, they enjoy creating cherished memories with their family here in Washington, too, like celebrating Rosario’s 70th birthday at the Woodinville tasting room, or sharing a bottle with their daughter and son-in-law at home.

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