Justin Scherz

As a worthy contender for “Biggest Long Shadows Fan,” Justin Scherz is not only passionate about our wines but the memories that are built around them. Justin is a lifelong Washington native, husband to Libby, and proud dad to four daughters, Hazel and triplets Isla, Olivia, and Everly. Justin discovered Long Shadows through his friend, a general manager of a local restaurant, and credits his friend with introducing him to “great wine”. And lucky for us, it just so happens that his friend’s favorite vintner is Long Shadows. After Justin’s first sip of Feather, he was sold and now it’s the go-to wine to introduce to his friends. “I LOVE a good Cab. And it gets no better than Feather. It also holds a special place in my heart because it was the first bottle I ever enjoyed from Long Shadows.”

Justin’s favorite memory is when he brought his best friends to Walla Walla for Spring Release weekend where the group was able to meet our operations and winemaking teams. After tasting in the cellar and loading up their purchases and Key Club allocations (a hand truck was involved in this feat), Justin and his friends convinced Ryan Shoup, director of retail sales, to join them in their limo and partake in the remainder of their Walla Walla Spring Release experience. We can all agree that this is a memory that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

We appreciate Justin's motto: “wine is about creating new memories while reminiscing over memories made.” Whether you’re relaxing on your patio with a glass of Julia’s Dazzle Rosé or at an anniversary celebration toasting with Feather, our wines are created to enhance your memories. We raise a glass to you, Justin, and thank you for forging memories with our wines!

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