The Story Behind the Wines, Pt. 3

Welcome to the final part of The Stories Behind the Wines. On this journey, we’ll be telling you about our 2017 Saggi Sangiovese and 2016 Pedestal Merlot. These wines, as well as the rest of our portfolio, mean a lot to our winemaking family, and we hope you enjoy learning about them. We look forward to sharing a glass or two with you in the future.


“Washington’s terroir, unlike other areas nearby, makes it easy to grow grapes with a very balanced sugar to acidity level. This helps make very elegant wines. Plus the microclimate allows such a “difficult” variety like Sangiovese to give great results, better than most other places in the world outside from its own turf.”

— Giovanni Folonari

The 2017 Saggi Sangiovese red blend is a beautiful combination of Washington heart and Italian soul. The result is a 93-point, Jeb Dunnuck-rated red wine with a plethora of personality. Saggi means “wisdom” and is inspired by one of Tuscany’s most prestigious wine families, Ambrogio and Giovanni Folonari - an impressive father-son team. Allen sought them out for their expertise from building their collection of small, ultra-premium wines from their numerous family estates. The Super-Tuscan styled wine contains Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah resulting in a powerful yet delicate Washington wine. It offers vibrant aromas of wild strawberries, red currants, and black cherries with notes of cinnamon and sweet spice. It’s a rich, balanced wine with a lengthy finish curated to exceed on the palate with each and every sip.


“In Washington I am dedicated to Merlot. As always and ever, the philosophy is not to adapt to one place, but to the grapes Mother Nature gives us, year after year.”

— Michel Rolland

Michel Rolland is considered one of the most influential winemakers in the world. Through our partnership we have created a powerful Columbia Valley Merlot - full of dominance, character, and with a flavorful finish. This wine is double-sorted in order to remove any green material that might impact the tannins, while select lots are soaked to build richness and flavor. In the glass, you’ll see a beautiful, dark opaque color with aromas of cherry, cinnamon, cocoa, and a hint of sweet violet. It’s balanced on the palate giving off flavors of huckleberry, bittersweet chocolate, and dark fruits, leaving an everlasting impression.

These stories are just the beginning for Long Shadows Vintners. Since day one, we've been committed to showcasing the viticultural excellence of the growing region and honoring the internationally acclaimed winemakers who inspired them. We invite you to open a bottle of whichever story has inspired you the most and share it with us on social media. Cheers! We invite you to try our wines if you haven't already and share your own Long Shadows Vintners memories with us through social media. Until our next glass of wine — cheers!

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