The Three Muses of Summer

2019 Poet's Leap Riesling
Paired with Spicy Honey Walnut Shrimp

Let’s start with the literary muse, our 2019 Poet’s Leap. Jeb Dunnuck awarded this unique and clean Riesling 92 points.

“Honeyed green apples, hints of lychee, and baking spice notes all emerge from the 2019 Poet’s Leap Riesling, which is consistently one of the top examples of this variety from the New World. Medium-bodied, with a clean, mineral-laced style on the palate, it has notable acidity and a subtle off-dry style that’s going to be incredibly versatile on the dinner table.” - Jeb Dunnuck

That’s a great segue, and we couldn’t agree more on this wine’s versatility when it comes to food pairings. Riesling is a wonderful companion for spicy foods. From Asian fusion to seafood of all kinds, the acidity that Riesling brings, especially in the off-dry style of our Poet’s Leap, complements spice like no other wine. We think a spicy honey walnut shrimp dish would make a wonderful pair. With this dish you get seafood and spice, with a bit of sweetness and crunch that will have the fruit notes and minerality soaring on your palate

2019 Dance Chardonnay
Paired with White Mushroom Pizza

Now onto the one with the moves — 2019 Dance Chardonnay. Both Allen Shoup and Gilles Nicault have an affinity for Chardonnay and they have experimented for several years to perfect the style found in this wonderfully expressive wine. Layered and aromatic, Dance boasts white blossom fragrances with notes of white peach, apple, and a hint of baking spice woven throughout. With minerality and a creamy texture, this wine makes a fantastic match for white pizza.

2020 Cymbal Sauvignon Blanc
Paired with Lemon Bars

The final of our Three Muses of Summer is the 2020 Cymbal Sauvignon Blanc. With expressive notes of lemongrass, passion fruit, and a hint of honeysuckle, this wine is wonderfully aromatic. Vibrant and well-balanced, you’ll enjoy flavors of fresh herbs, stone fruit, and guava. The palate is textured yet fresh and lively with a long finish that will have you salivating for more. As for a pairing, we couldn’t forget about all of you with a sweet tooth! Sauvignon Blanc, a classically acidic varietal, will pair wonderfully with lemon bars. The sweetness and acidity of the lemon bars will combine brilliantly with the fruit and floral expressions of the Cymbal. The perfect end to this trio.

We hope these Three Muses of Summer have influenced you to enjoy the warmest months of the year to the fullest. Don’t forget to check out The Muses Wine Club so you can be inspired day in and day out by these three special wines.

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