Why Large Format?

In this season of gathering with loved ones, we know alongside those delicious seasonal dishes there will be a few bottles of wine adorning your table. If you’re wondering what to open to mark the celebration, we suggest thinking big! Large formats are perfect for a crowd of your nearest and dearest. A magnum bottle always makes a statement when shared or given as a gift. But making an impact is just one of the benefits of large format bottles.

Aside from the beauty of a big bottle, large formats are a great way to cellar and age your wine more safely than with a standard 750 mL. Plus it brings an additional dimension to the palate development. The flavor evolution happens because there’s a larger surface area of wine for oxygen to interact with while the bottle rests in your cellar. If you’ve ever examined a 1.5 L cork next to a 750 mL cork, you’ll notice that they’re very similar in size—meaning that nearly the same amount of oxygen is entering the bottle and interacting with twice the amount of wine.

Understanding how much oxygen makes its way into the bottle and interacts with the wine—what does this mean for the development of the palate? With more wine to interact with, the process of oxidation will take longer and will bring a greater depth of layers to the already beautifully crafted wine. Your secondary and tertiary flavors will take more time to develop, but trust us—it’ll be well worth the wait! The elongated palate development is another reason that large format bottles are great options when there is a specific vintage you’re looking for or looking to hold on to for a special occasion. While 750 mLs are suitable for aging wine, these bottles won’t last as long as a larger bottle. This is also because magnum and other large format bottles are thicker glass, making them more resilient against light, higher temperatures, and potential transportation irritation. So, when you choose to buy big, you’re investing in the long-term life of the wine and its potential.

When shopping for a large format bottle, it’s important to keep in mind the varietals that you are most likely to find available in a 1.5 L. While some wineries opt to produce big bottles of white wines, typically Chardonnay, we choose to save the large formats for our red wines. You’ll be able to stock up and cellar any of our world-renowned Washington state red wines in magnum bottles. There’s a selection of library vintages, like a 2007 Pirouette, that you can enjoy upon arrival or continue to age for a special occasion. If you’re someone that genuinely enjoys having magnums on hand, consider our Magnum Club! As a member of the Magnum Club, you will receive regular shipments of large format bottles that you can enjoy year-round. While a large bottle may seem intimidating, it’s only two bottles in one, so don’t be afraid to break it out at the dinner table.

When it comes to deciding whether to go big or small, going big is a fun way to make an impact at your next gathering, and a smart way to invest in wine you want to age. If you’d like to learn more about specific vintages that you are interested in purchasing, give us a call at the winery or email us to help pick out the perfect bottle for you.

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