StoneTree Vineyard

AVA: Wahluke Slope
: Tedd Wildman

Located on the south slope of the Saddle Mountains near Mattawa, StoneTree Vineyard is named for the petrified tree fossils scattered throughout the surrounding hillsides. Planted in 2000, the vineyard is in the heart of the Wahluke Slope AVA, one of the driest and warmest wine grape growing areas in Washington. At one time, StoneTree’s co-owner and manager Ted Wildmann directed more than 5,000 acres of grape growing in the Columbia Valley. When he decided to plant his own vineyard, there was no question it had to be on the Wahluke Slope.With a relief of 320 feet, StoneTree reaches to 1,250 feet above sea level at its peak. The site’s gentle slope affords good air drainage to protect against frost. The soils are a product of ancient Ice Age floods -- fractured basalt overlaid by sandy silt loam, predominantly Scoon series. Weak soils and low rainfall, as little as six inches annually, naturally control vine vigor. The grapes are exceptionally concentrated in flavor and produce wines with excellent structure.
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